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Friday, May 05, 2006

First Action a Success

During the last week of April, SACRED's field team collected nearly 100 signatures in just four hours of tabling on campus.

Many students expressed concern about the ways in which the administration has gone about its planning process, and dismay over the plans themselves.

Emily R. ('09), who plans to major in biology or biochemistry, was especially flabbergasted by the college's unwillingness to better utilize its existing resources. She also lamented the lack of information being distributed to science students, as well as the lack of information being gathered from science students. She offered six solid suggestions that she feels are more practical and more responsible than the administration's current plans. We hope that the administration will tap into the brilliant pool of ideas Smith students have to offer.

Julie G. ('07) was shocked to discover the college's plans to obliterate Green Street. "I love Green Street," she said. "It's so beautiful! And Green Street Cafe? It's Smith's restaurant. I understand our need for new buildings, but we have to stay true to what makes us special--this is akin to knocking down Northampton's downtown and building a Wal*Mart."

SACRED will continue to gather signatures from students and alumnae through the month of May.


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