Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grip #5: Stealing and "Customer Care"

January 6, 2006

Dear Customer Care:

This is my second e-mail on this topic.

I was not granted the first month free, as promised. I was, in fact, even billed for the month *before* my number was even switched over from Verizon to Vonage, a time for which I was promised I would be reimbursed.

I find it despicable that so much time has passed and my credits have not appeared and my e-mails have gone unnoticed by Customer Care.

I am deeply disappointed in my Vonage service and especially disappointed in the customer care. I have dissuaded to date ten people from joining Vonage and I will continue to spread the word about your shoddy service until I am satisfied that you have corrected the problem--starting with my reimbursement!

Taking money from someone is stealing. Making promises and not keeping them is fraud. If I do not hear from someone who will rectify this situation within the next seven business days, I will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

Sincerely (and incredibly agitated),

Naomi Graychase


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