Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gripe #2: Unreliable Faxing

The average number of times it takes me to complete a fax transmission is seven. Seven tries to fax one three-page fax. But there's no guarantee that a fax with EVER go through, no matter how many times you try. Lately, I've taken to just putting things in the mail if the seven tries don't work. The USPS is one million times more reliable and efficient at data transmission than Vonage via fax.

It's utterly impossible to fax more than three pages at a time. Vonage tech support told me they can't handle the "data packets" or some shit. It would have helped if they'd told me this BEFORE I signed up. They promote their product as a true land-line replacement. But landlines don't drop calls. And land lines? They can send faxes.

Bastards. Liars. Shoveling steaming piles of camel dung is more pleasant than attempting to fax using Vonage.


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