Monday, June 26, 2006

Gripe #8: The Agony of the Beep

The "beep" at the end of my voicemail greeting--compliments of Vonage--is best described as a noise somewhere between a vintage electronics screech, and torture. After receiving several voicemails from friends and relatives who were either so pissed off at the unexpected attack that they were sputtering and swearing, or so disoriented from the pain that they couldn't remember why they called, I decided to add a warning to my greeting so that people could move the phone away from their ears before the beep went off. This was, of course, in addition to the lengthy explanation required to inform callers that I was not likely to get their message even if they suffered through the beep--because Vonage sucks.

After speaking with my disappearing tech support friend, Stephen Toth at Vonage, I removed the message because I thought my Vonage problems would be fixed. They weren't, but I haven't taken the time to record a new warning. Consequently, I still get the shocked and angry voicemails from my callers who become unwitting victims. My mother, in particular, and my closest friend, get particularly harrassed by the penetrating aural scrawl of the Vonage beep.

I was going to post a few of the voicemails from these callers, but, of course, today when I went to my Vonage Dashboard to access my voicemails, I received this message, "Call Activity information is temporarily unavailable. This information should be available shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

Vonage sucks.


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