Friday, June 09, 2006

in her mind

in her mind,
she's a superhero supermodel
she believes in magic—
not rabbits out of hats,
but love out of disaster
and healing out of disease
has edges
made of razors
and flesh
as tender as a lamb's
you could knock her over with a feather
but not
a battering ram
there are walls of glass inside her,
framing complex, gentle grace,
after thirty
years of living
she is taking
up some space
she could not
run off
to the circus
so she brought the circus
to herself
now she glitters
like a garden
like she's loved
by someone else
and she's rolling
like an ocean
only known by
distant shores
oh! this woman
knows her lovers
by their footsteps
the door
she goes
about her business
solving crimes
like she can fly
she is dancing
at the circus
all alone
and kicking high


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