Saturday, September 09, 2006

MP3 Players Built For Sport

MP3 Players Built For Sport
Up The Mountains, On The Trails & To The Gym

In 1999, during a 5-month training regimen for the San Francisco marathon, we invested in two very important accessories: the perfect running shoes and a handheld CD player. The disc player (from Panasonic) featured 40 seconds of “Anti-Shock Memory II” and even flashed the word “Sorry” across its display whenever it skipped. At the time, it was top-of-the line, and it racked up miles all over the city, tucked into a sports bra or strapped to a palm. As our training runs grew longer, we quickly came to wish there were some way to run with more music than one measly CD. And after a few miles, a lighter player would have been a dream. Little did we know that our prayers would be answered, and that one day, we’d be able to fit more than 10 times as many songs on a device an eighth of the size that would never, ever skip.

CE Lifestyles, July 2005


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