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Friday, September 15, 2006

Support Beardsley's Bold Stance: Vote No Today

WHMP and Bill Dwight are lambasting Mike Bardsley for his stand in opposition to the EU. There is a nonscientific online poll at their website. Also available are the podcasts of Dwight's shows. Ish LaBarge, Ward 7 Councilor, is calling for Mike's resignation as council president. This from a man who didn't attend a public hearing or public meeting.

Here is the link for anyone who wishes to visit WHMP's website and take their poll on the removal Mike from his council presidency. Read the question carefully, the correct answer is, "no."
Ken Mitchell and I will be on Dwight's show Friday, September 22, from 9:20-10 AM. 1400 AM on your radio dial.
Daryl G. LaFleur


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