Saturday, November 25, 2006

Living in Thrift

I've been on my own financially since I was 18. I put myself through college and have lived on modest to meager incomes ever since. My hope is that one day I will live comfortably. But even when that day comes, and my income far exceeds my cost of living, I will still practice thriftful living.

Thrift is a state of mind. A way of being. It is a practice of thoughtful spending and resourcefulness that is satisfying, rewarding, and socially and environmentally responsible. Like meditation, you can do it a little or do it a lot, and it will be beneficial either way.

When you practice thrift, you don't eat out just because you can't figure out how to eat in. You know how to stock your kitchen and plan ahead and feed yourself. And when you eat out, it's because you chose to do something special for yourself or someone you care about, or because it was necessary and/or more efficient to do so.

In thrift, we understand the connection between our life energy and our income. We don't spend blindly. We consider the source of our desires and find the best solutions to them. We are empowered by knowledge, and we try to make informed choices about what we bring into our lives, how we pay for those things, and what we do with them once we have them.

This blog will offer tips, guidance, and real life stories to help you increase and better enjoy your thriftfulness.

Yours in thrift,

Naomi Graychase
November 2006

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