Saturday, January 27, 2007

Favorite That 70s Show Episodes

My favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows of all time, That 70s Show:

1. "Canada Road Trip," original air date: 05.08.01, Season 3, Episode 23. Eric, Kelso, Fez, and Leo go to Canada to buy beer, but are detained at the border when Fez loses his green card. Favorite line, "What are you doing in Canada?"

2. "Black Dog," original air date: 12.10.02, Season 5, Episode 9. Written by Mark Hurdis, directed by David Trainer. Jackie is disappointed when she turns to Hyde for comfort and support after her father is sent to prison, and Fez finds love during a fingerprinting lesson at the DMV.

3. 'Misty Mountain Hop," original air date: 1.22.03, Season 5; written by Dave Schiff. Directed by David Trainer. The Formans offer to help Jackie move her family's possessions out of their foreclosed ski cabin only to arrive to find Kelso, Fez, and Hyde partying it up.

4. "Water Tower," Teleplay by Jeff Filgo and Jackie Behan; Story by Linda Wallem. Directed by David Trainer. original air date: 6.14.99. Kelso ends up in the hospital after falling off the town's water tower, but Eric has an even worse scare after he accidentally walks in on his parents haviing sex.

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