Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Value of L.L. Bean

I'm from Maine, so perhaps I'm biased, but I love L.L. Bean. They make merchandise that you know that you can count on. They take their lifetime guarantee very seriously, so even though their products often cost more than comparable alternatives, the investment in Bean's items is always worth it.

For example, in 1990, I was given an L.L. Bean backpack by my grandparents for my high school graduation. Four years later, I ran over it with my car (by accident) and the zipper burst. On my next trip home, I stopped in at Bean's and they replaced the backpack with no hassles whatsoever. I even got to choose a new color that I liked better.

Several years later, I upgraded to a larger backpack in a different color. (I can't remember what went wrong with it the second time.) I paid the difference in price between the two packs and have had that pack ever since.

I also own a collection of luggage-like duffel bags in assorted sizes and colors. After many, many trips across (and around) the country, one of them had worn a few holes in the bottom. Last week, I brought it back to LL Bean. I had no receipt and couldn't even remember when I bought it. They gave me a gift card for the full price of a new bag. I used that money ($61.75) towards the purchase of a new winter coat, which I got on sale for $69.99 (saving $30.00).

The coat was on sale as part of Bean's annual winter sale, which I highly recommend you check out. I also returned a pair of gloves I had bought a few weeks earlier, that were too small, and used that money toward a new nightgown, which was on sale.

All in all, I spent about $20 and came away with $140 in new merchandise--merchandise that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

If you live within driving distance, shopping at the store is great. I always stop on my way to and/or from visiting my family in Maine. If you're shopping via catalog, I recommend using the Web site. There are always items being discontinued or put on sale for other reasons. For instance, I had been wanting a pair of rain boots, and I found them (a pair of colorful jodhpur Wellies) for 76% off last month. I used SmartPost to get free shipping, so for less than $10, I got a $50 pair of boots. And if I ever have any problem with them, LL Bean will replace or repair them for me.

Whenever I shop for outdoor apparel, I stop by LL Bean's site first. I often also start there when shopping for gifts. The free shipping is great--and there's no sales tax, unless you ship your item to someone in Maine. In the lefthand menu at the home page scroll down to Also From L.L. Bean. The first item in this section is Sale.
Since items are grouped by category, you can poke around pretty quickly and see if there's anything amazing on sale for yourself or someone for whom you are shopping. Over the years, I've gotten presents for my younger sister (who's 11), my niece, my nephew, my dad, my stepmother, my mom, and my brother.

If you shop at Bean's frequently, and are good at paying off your balance each month, I also recommend the L.L. Bean credit card. It has perks that really pay off if you shop there frequently.

Thrift recommendations are the result of my own personal experience and are not paid endorsements. For more on my recommendation policy, see this post.

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