Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Affordable Cross-Country Moving Solutions

I've been doing a little research into cross-country moving alternatives. I've moved across the country three times so far, and cobbled together some strange money-saving techniques that were fairly time-consuming and involved some special circumstances--like access to free storage and lots of free cross-country plane flights--but I'm still looking for the perfect solution.

Recently, I came across this very thoughtful review at epinions.com of ABF, a company that will put your stuff in a tractor trailer and haul it cross country relatively cheaply. The process requires some planning on the part of the mover, and some patience with the flawed system, but can, it seems pay off nicely in the end when properly executed.

If you're considering this option, this woman (who moved 2,000 miles using ABF), has some very helpful tips. Totally Thrift-approved. Click here to read her review.

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