Monday, June 1, 2009

Groove is in the Heart Yoga at Reunion

One of the highlights for me at reunion was the Groove is in the Heart yoga class that took place on Friday afternoon. The space (Studio Helix in Thornes) was lovely and everyone who came seemed really happy afterward. Throughout the weekend, attendees could be heard--half-serious, half-joking--asking one another if they were opening their hearts (while thrusting out their chests...I mean hearts. :-)

The yoga class was something I had envisioned and begun planning more than a year before reunion and it was beautiful to finally have it come to be. There were total beginners and people committed enough to yoga to bring their own mats!

Amy Reed '05 was our teacher and she took us through a delicious and challenging class themed around our grooving hearts. Thank you to Amy, to Kirse for helping plan it, and to everyone who came. Perhaps it can become a regular reunion event. (And anyone willling to pay money for pictures of Kirse's bottom, I have *lots* from the yoga class. Drop me a note and we'll talk. ;-)

Later, skaters! Namaste.

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