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Monday, June 19, 2006

Mural Contest Sponsored by Green Street Cafe

Green Street Café announces a call for proposals by artists interested in creating a two-dimensional wall mural to be located inside the GreenStreet Café on Green Street in Northampton, MA.

GOAL – The goal of this project is to highlight the decision of SmithCollege and the City of Northampton to discontinue Green Street in favor of the development and construction of an engineering complex.

SITE DESCRIPTION – The wall chosen for the project is located inside the Green Street Café and is 28’ L x 8.5’ H in size. There is overhead lighting and large street-side windows that flood the space with light. The wall surface is painted plaster.

SELECTION PROCESS –– A panel of three judges, Michael Kusek, Bob Antil, and Steve Calcagnino will review submissions and select the winning proposal. The winner will be announced on July 5th.

SELECTION CRITERIA – All proposals will be judged on the following: 1)artistic merit 2) suitability of the proposal in relation to the project goals and the artist’s ability to carry out the proposal within budget and on schedule.

ARTIST ELIGIBILITY – Artists from all walks of life are invited to submit proposals. Excluded from participation are staff members at Green StreetCafé, members of the mural project, and their families.

APPLICATION PROCESS – All applications must include: A.) A one-page written explanation of the concept. B.) Sketches or other visuals that convey the proposed mural idea. If submitting a CD or other digital media, all should be Apple compatible. C.) Up to ten 35mm slides in a plastic sheet or 8.5” x11” portfolio sheets. Slides/portfolio should be labeled with the artistsname. D.) A resume/CV that lists any previous public art experience orcommissions. E.) All artists are strongly urged to visit the Green Street Café and pick up additional information and background materials. Hours ofoperation are M-F 10AM to 10PM; please call to make an appointment at 413.586.1650. F.) For materials to be returned, all artists should include astamped, self-addressed envelope

BUDGET – A budget of $350.00 covers the costs of all materials with $1,000cash for the artist, plus an additional award of a $1,000 food credit at the Café


Submission deadline: June 30th

Proposal Review & Artist Notification: July 7th

Project Start July 10th to be completed by October 1

Unveiling: October 13th during Northampton Arts Night Out

Learn More About the State Hospital Property

Local author and activist, Mike Kirby, has published a book detailing the history of the State Hospital and chronicling the efforts at redevelopment.

The State Hospital Property stands adjacent to Smith. It abuts the stables and riding area and the athletic facilities. The college refuses to consider building new academic buildings there. The college also refuses to consider re-locating administrative or technical offices to that location, so as to free up on-campus space for academics, which would prevent the destruction of the Green Street neighborhood, but achieve the college's stated goal of having a contiguous academic campus.

Popular Green Street Business Closes


"Chocolate doesn't move, so shop does"

"After two years of business at 40 Green Street, L.A. Burdick Chocolates closed. There was no shortage of business at the café, said owner Larry Burdick, but many patrons were locals, like Smith students, who did not buyenough high-end chocolate for the store to turn a profit."

If the college's current plans come to fruition, Green Street will eventually become a part of the campus and will no longer be a public street. The site of Burdick's shop will be the site of Building's B&C, the 300,000 square foot, multi-story science complex behemoths the college plans to erect over the course of the next decade. Beginning next spring, an intolerable level of noise, construction traffic, and debris will invade the neighborhood. Many locals have speculated that this--not the high-end chocolate sales--were the motivation for Burdick's move.

For more local news and educated opinions regarding the Smith College expansion plans, visit The site was created and is edited and maintained by Ed Shanahan, the former editor of the Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton's daily newspaper.)

It's not too late.

Due to some logistical issues involving a page of signatures held up in Texas, SACRED has not yet submitted its petition to the Board of Trustees. If you would like to add your name, simply print, sign, and return it to PO Box 787, Northampton, MA 01061. Or send an e-mail to saying you'd like your name to be added. We hope to submit by July 15th.