Thursday, July 27, 2006

Melissa Ferrick: The Curve Cover Story

The April 2001 issue of Curve magazine featured my cover story on queer indie folk-rocker Melissa Ferrick. It was based on an interview that took place in Northampton, MA in December 2000. The original, unedited version of that story with roughly 500 never-before-seen words that didn't make it into print, as well as my original unedited intro is now available here. Click here for a free .pdf version of the file. If you'd like to purchase an electronic copy of the story as it appeared in Curve magazine, visit and search for my name, or visit the Curve web site to order a back copy.


Over the past twelve years, I have had the great pleasure of interviewing some very interesting people. Among them, Dawn Riley, the first woman in the world to manage an America's Cup challenge team; Melissa Ferrick, the queer indie folk-rocker with a famously devoted fan base; Kate Starbird, 1997 Naismith Award winner; and Susan Seidelman, director of Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), She-Devil (1989) and Gaudi Afternoon (2001).

Verbatim is where you can find all of the material that resulted from those experiences, but which was never published, including: original, unedited copies of published stories; interview transcripts; anecdotes; photographs; and never-before-seen excerpts of interviews.

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